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Things We Don't Know is a science publishing company, which explains ongoing scientific research in accessible "simple" English. We enable people to follow scientific mysteries from discovery to resolution, and to choose which questions scientists should focus on.

Your business model:

With one simple solution, we can improve science education, journalism and communication, and transform scientific funding priorities from vested interests and profits to "because people want to know the answer". We offer digital products (articles, videos, games, and downloadable materials for teachers), run education workshops, give talks, advertising and are building a scientific crowdfunding engine.

Our social objective

Our mission statement is:

It is the job of scientists to find the answers to questions nobody else has answered, and yet there is no place these questions are collected. This contributes to a number of societal problems; including a high drop-out rate among graduate students, restricted opportunities for collaboration between scientists, a lack of awareness of scientific issues, a general distrust of science and poor quality science journalism. We are addressing these needs by creating an easy to browse and publicly accessible online catalogue of scientific research topics, with straightforward descriptions of the phenomena being investigated and links to the institutions delving into them. By explaining the questions we know science hasn’t found the answer to (yet) we strive to increase public awareness of current research, and simultaneously provide valuable services to those searching for doctoral opportunities, science journalists, universities and researchers.

The outcome areas we're focused on are:

  • Education, learning and skills

The beneficiary groups we work with are:

  • People with learning disabilities (including people on autistic spectrum)
  • Other

Our structure

Company Registration Number: 8109669

Legal structure: Community Interest Company (CIC) limited by shares

Incorporation date: June 30, 2012

We are 40% employee owned

We do not distribute more than 30% of our profits

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