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About us






Shared Interest is an ethical investment organisation based in Newcastle upon Tyne. Our 11,500 members invest up to £100,000 in share accounts which is then pooled together to enable us to offer loans to producers in the developing world. We form the vital link between UK social investors and fair trade organisations needing finance to improve their livelihoods.

Your business model:

Sustainability is at the heart of what we do. We offer unsecured loans which enable fair trade businesses in the developing world to purchase raw materials, pre finance orders and pay their workers in a timely and consistent manner. We lend to businesses that cannot usually access funds from conventional sources. Our approach is to take and share risk with these organisations because of the developmental benefit of lending in fair trade supply chains.

Our social objective

Our mission statement is:

To provide financial services and business support to make livelihoods and living standards better for disadvantaged communities in some of the world's poorest countries. We work with people who share our commitment to fair and just trade. Together we take and share risk because we value the difference that fair and sustainable trade makes. We seek to satisfy the needs of producers as they trade their way out of poverty and to meet the aspirations of our investors and donors to support them in achieving this aim.

The outcome areas we're focused on are:

  • Education, learning and skills
  • Employment and training
  • Housing, property and essential needs
  • Finance and legal matters
  • Personal and social well-being
  • Climate change and conservation of the natural environment

The beneficiary groups we work with are:

  • People living in poverty
  • Other

Our structure

Company Registration Number: 27093

Legal structure: Other

Incorporation date: April 25, 1990

Our Networks

  • Co-ops UK
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