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We run an international Fair Trade Centre in Garstang the world's first Fair Trade Town (FTT) providing: support for the international FTTs movement, a display and exhibition on the 3 interrelated heritage themes (FTTs, The British Transatlantic slave trade and Quakers), educational and corporate workshops for all ages, tourism.

Your business model:

We generate revenue through the following income streams: • Café and shop- In the year ending February 2014 the café and shop made a gross income of £45,609. • Educational visits and workshops - In the academic year 2013/14 the workshops and visits provided a combined income of £4,403. • Tourism - Hosting visit to The FIG Tree and providing package tours. • Events - On average events bring in £300/event as well as a small increase in sales. • Consultancy by the Director - During 2013/14 the national and international consultancy work carried out by the Director provided a total income of £25,139. • Grants and donations – We hope to decrease our reliance on grants and donations in the future.

Our structure

Company Registration Number: 7538577

Legal structure: Community Interest Company (CIC) limited by guarantee

Incorporation date: February 28, 2011