Eligibility and filling out the survey

What type of organisation can enter the index?

The NatWest SE100 Index is open to all social enterprises (also called social ventures) across the UK.  There is no legal definition of what a social enterprise is. Although we do not have a strict set of criteria to decide who is eligible to enter the Index, please consider the following points to decide whether to enter or not.

Social enterprise:

  • Primary mission is social
  • Run like a business but a significant proportion of profits (usually more than 50%) go towards the social mission
  • A significant amount of income is through trading

Not a social enterprise (eg, traditional charities or for-profit businesses):

  • Primary mission is financial
  • Generate profit which go to shareholders rather than a social mission
  • Principal income is through raising charitable funds (eg grants, philanthropy or donations)

The following links provide further descriptions of social enterprises/ventures:

​Who should fill in the survey?

The Index should be filled in by someone who has a good understanding of your organisation’s financial and social performance.  This is normally somebody who is Director level, such as the Finance Director.

How long will it take to fill in the survey?

You do not have to fill out your Index profile in one go.  You can log in to your account as many times as you like to update your data.  Not all fields are compulsory in order to enter the Index, but we recommend filling in as much as you can in order to create a full picture of your organisation.  We estimate that it will take between 30-45 minutes to fill out the entire Index profile.

What information do I need to fill in the survey?

In addition to basic information about your organisation, you will need:

  • Access to your accounts from the two most recent years
  • Access to information about your social impact, such as the indicators, targets and processes you use to monitor your social impact
  • Access to information about your organisation’s structure (such as legal structure, number of employees, equal opportunities/diversity information)

What are the timescales for the SE100 Index 2016?

In order to be eligible for an award, you will need to complete your SE100 profile before midnight on 25th September 2016.  If you are nominating your organisation for either The Resilience Award or The Storyteller Award, or the leader of your organisation for the Leadership Award we need to have your nominations forms in by midday 18th September 2016.

The award shortlist will be announced at the Good Deals conference on 14th November in Birmingham, and the ceremony will take place on 19th January 2017 in London.

Entering your information on the SE100 Index sooner rather than later means you can take full advantage of our business tools, PR opportunities and our growing community of social enterprises.

What is the survey about?

What are the different sections of the survey?

The questions in the survey fall in to three broad categories:

  1. basic information about your organisation such as contact information, description of activities and structure
  2. financial information such as turnover, profit/loss and income streams
  3. social impact information such as the processes you use to measure social impact, number of beneficiaries, indicators and targets.

The structure of the survey has two components.  The first is the section with information that stays the same most years (although you will still be able to update it).  The second section involves filling out a form about the financial and social performance for a particular year.  Every year you will fill out a new form for this section.

What financial information do you ask for?

You will need to submit information from your accounts for the two most recent years.  This includes:

  • Turnover figure (required)
  • Profit/loss figure (required)
  • Income streams (such as contracts, grants, other trading activity)
  • Type and amount of growth capital (investment or grant) applied for/received/sought
  • Projected turnover for next year

You will also need to upload your full accounts for the two most recent years.

How do you assess an organisation’s social impact measurement?

We ask organisations to fill out a series of questions about the processes they use to monitor their social impact.  These include:

  • Do you have a mission statement?
  • Do you produce an impact report?
  • Do you have a way of measuring the relative social value of your activities, e.g. through social accounting?
  • Is your social impact reporting independently assured?
  • Do you include stakeholders in social impact monitoring?
  • Have you made changes to your organisation or service delivery as a result of measuring your social impact?

In 2013, we added evidence based questions to help organisations demonstrate and benchmark their social impact.  This could help your organisation to attract social investment, and other support.  The questions include:

  • Number of direct beneficiaries reached in past 12 months
  • Indicators used to measure social impact
  • Targets and results for social impact indicators

Why should we fill out the survey?

What are the benefits of filling in the survey?

Benefits to individual organisations

  1. Performance management tool - Our web platform is helping organisations to use their data in a meaningful way.  By joining the Index, you will be able to track your social and financial performance, and benchmark yourself against other organisations in your region, sector or across the whole social venture market.
  2. SE100 badge - By filling out the survey, your organisation has the chance to be in the SE100, a league table of the top 100 social ventures across the UK.  Previous participants use the SE100 badge on their website, and many have generated positive PR as a result of featuring in the top 100.
  3. Prizes - Entering the Index will give you the chance to win a share of our prize money, worth £6,000.  There are seven award categories: Leadership Award, Growth Champion, Social Impact Champion, Trailblazing Newcomer, Resilence Award, Storyteller Award and NatWest Customer Award.
  4. Become part of an ever growing community of social enterprises and network organisations, get invites to exclusive NatWest SE100 Insight events and take part in PR opportunities with us and our media partner, Pioneers Post
  5. Attract investment/support - Social investors and accelerator/incubator programmes have told us that they use the NatWest SE100 Index to identify potential organisations to support.  Being part of the Index could help you to find support. In the future you may be able to use your SE100 profile to apply for social finance or support, eradicating the need to fill out timely application forms.
  6. Demonstrate your impact – With the implementation of the Public Services (Social Value) Act (2012) and other similar regulations elsewhere in the UK, it has never been more important for organisations to demonstrate their impact and be in with a competitive chance of winning new contracts.  Entering the survey will help you to demonstrate your impact.

Benefits to the social venture market

Be part of the story - The combined data gathered from SE100 members are crucial to provide a better understanding of the marketplace, and the significance of the contribution that social businesses make to society, the economy and the environment.  This is vital in order to attract further investment into the social market and to demonstrate its potential to commissioners and legislators.

My organisation has faced financial difficulty over the last year, so is there any point in entering the survey?

It is still really important to enter the Index annually, even if you have faced financial difficulties. Entering the Index can help to raise your profile, and may even attract interest from potential investors/support organisations.  Entering the Index does not mean that we will make your information public, if you don’t wish it to be.  However, in terms of the overall combined data it is crucial to be able to tell a representative story of how the whole market is performing, and the challenges that are facing social ventures.

I have already created an organisational profile on other directories, why should I bother filling out yet another survey?

The SE100 Index is not just another directory.  The benefits of joining are outlined in earlier FAQs - they go far beyond other directories.

Plus, we have set up profiles for a number of organisations with some of the initial information (from publicly available sources), and there are only a few essential questions, so it won’t take you long to enter at all.

What are the prizes?

There are seven award categories:

  • Leadership Award - £1000
  • Growth Champion - £1000
  • Social Impact Champion - £1000
  • Trailblazing Newcomer - £1000
  • The Resilience Award - £1000
  • The Storyteller Award - £1000
  • NatWest Customer Award 

How do you decide who wins the prizes?

We conduct due diligence on shortlisted organisations in terms of their financial and social performance. Our supporter organisations (Buzzacott Chartered Accountants and Social Value UK) examine the financial sustainability and social impact measurement in order to inform the award decisions. Check out the awards page for the criteria and deadlines. 

How do you verify entrants’ information?

All entrants' financial information will be verified against their full accounts, which must have been signed off by an accountant.  When organisations provide data to us, there is an understanding that the information should be true and accurate, although we cannot guarantee this.

The shortlisted organisations will be asked to provide more detailed information as part of a due diligence process.

What happens with our information

What will you do with the data I submit?

​Information that is already in the public domain will be published on your public SE100 profile.  Other information that you provide to us will only feature on your private profile for your organisation’s use only.  You will be able to choose whether to share some of this information with other organisations, but you may choose not to share it with anyone. Your confidential information will be stored on a secure database.

Will the information I submit be shared with anyone?

You will be able to choose whether to share the confidential data that you submit.  Information that is already publicly available may be published.

Why is there already data about my organisation on the web platform?

To make it quicker and easier for organisations to enter the NatWest SE100 Index, we have started profiles for thousands of organisations.  We have used publicly available information to do this, including:

  • Organisation websites
  • Companies House
  • The Charity Commission


Index & Ranking

How is the impact measurement rating calculated?

The impact measurement rating is calculated from the answers to your questions in the impact measurement section of your organisation profile. The maximum score is 10. If you've scored between 1 and 4, you've made a good start to measuring and demonstrating your impact.  If you've scored between 5 and 8, you are doing very well at measuring and demonstrating your impact.  If you've scored 9 or 10 you are doing extremely well at measuring and demonstrating your social impact!


About the SE100 index

Why was the SE100 index set up?

Matter&Co in partnership with RBS developed the SE100 in 2010.  Its objectives are to forge a better understanding, within the sector and amongst the wider public, of the exciting, pioneering and successful organisations that identify themselves as social enterprises in the UK. It puts facts and figures behind the fantastic stories of change that characterise the sector.

The SE100 tracks the success of social businesses across the UK by examining both their growth and the way they demonstrate their impact.

In May 2015, as the RBS Inspiring Enterprise programme drew to a close, the sponsorship of the SE100 changed from RBS to NatWest (part of the RBS family). NatWest is committed to encouraging a more entrepreneurial culture and supporting social enterprise.

Who manages the SE100 index?

The SE100 was created and designed by Matter&Co, and is managed by the Matter&Co team.  RBS/NatWest have generously sponsored the Index since it started and in 2015 support of the SE100 passed to the hands of NatWest (part of the RBS family). 

Who should I contact for help or for more information?

Please send all enquiries to: support@se100.net.  You can also contact our research team by phoning: 020 861 3346.